Low Fat Banana Loaf

I love this recipe! It’s dead easy to make and I seem to make it rather a lot because my bananas always go over ripe which is perfect for this recipe!

5 ripe bananas mashed (approx 475g)

2 beaten eggs

6oz or 150g brown sugar

4 oz or 100g sultanas

8oz or 200g self-raising flour

Pre-heat oven to 180 or 160 fan assisted.  Line and lightly grease a 2lb loaf tin or use a silicone mould – no greasing or lining needed!

In a large bowl, mash bananas and add eggs, sugar and sultanas, then mix in sifted flour.

Pour mixture into loaf tin and bake 1 hour 15 minutes.

Leave loaf to cool in tin and then turn out.

This cake is again so easy and so moist you’ll never guess it’s low fat!

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  1. Rose says:


    I thought I’d try this recipe and it was a HUGE success! Thank you! I’ve now made it 3 times in 2 weeks! Once as you suggest, then the next time I added less sugar but stirred in some chunks of dark chocolate and then the 3rd time I tried it with a bit of cinnamon. Delicious every time!

  2. Sue says:

    So glad you enjoyed it! I have also tried it with choc chips and cinnamon – great minds think alike :0)

  3. Val says:

    Do you have any low fat sugar free cake recipies?

  4. Elaine says:

    brilliant recipe I substitute sugar for sweetner and its ok on my diet! Thanks

  5. Hannah says:

    I found this recipe online whilst looking for a low fat banana bread. I’ve just made it and it tastes SO goo! Thanks for the recipe, Hannah

  6. Hannah says:

    I meant it tasted good, not goo haha.

  7. Donna says:

    Very nice. I tried this and my family loved it. I also took some to my weight watchers meeting and everyone loved it. They all want the recipe. Only question I have is do you have all the nutrional info on it. Then we know how many weight watchers points there are.

  8. Rachael booth says:

    Loved this recipe! Used choc chips as substitute. Delicious!!

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